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12 December 2013 @ 06:34 pm
--Eat shit, Imayoshi.
written for sterlynsilverrose @ touchpass exch. based on prompt no.4! Touou interactions with each other after they lose to Seirin showing how much the dynamic has changed for everyone after Imayoshi and the other seniors retire.
→ pg. feat. touou ensemble, an unapologetic mushroom, + totally platonic aomine/kise

captain sakurai, reporting for dutyCollapse )
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it's august why am i still writing fanfiction

"To the boy delivering a speech at the end of his captaincy"
--Regarding the political climate at Teikou Junior High.
a sotsugyou love story feat. nijimura/akashi, special cameo hanamiya & some male 'OCs', largely one-sided and probably not how it really goes. this is quite literally the worst thing i have ever written but buchou feelings 2 stronk

→ pg-15, nijimura/akashi + slight akamido but only slight

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12 February 2013 @ 01:12 am
"the highrise"
--Why material selection sucks when you're in love.
i have this problem where i get really antsy and verbose right before a midterm exam, so this is basically just word vomit. kise's life is a bad korean drama

→ pg-13, aomine/kise/horikita mai & i am not even kidding

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